The Latest Technology of Making Organic Fertilizer from Straw

First, the choice of fertilizer sites. Fertilizer production sites should be flat, near the water leeward sunny place, can be produced in the open air all year round.
Second, preparation of fertilizer materials (take 1 ton dry straw as an example). 1 1,000 kg of crop stalks. 2 baking powder 20 kg. Peanut cakes, bean cakes, cottonseed cakes, rapeseed cakes, etc. can be used. No cake powder can be replaced with 10 kg urea. 3 KFC Green Fermentation Bacteria 1 kg.
Third, the production method. 1 The crop straw (such as corn stalk) is crushed with a pulverizer or cut with a rake. The general length is 1-3 cm. (Wheat straw, straw, leaves, weeds, peanut pods, bean stalks, etc. can be directly used for fermentation. However, after crushing, the fermentation effect is better. 2 The straw after smashing or cutting is wetted and infiltrated with water, and the water content of the straw is generally controlled at about 70%. 3 Mix 20 kg of cake flour with 1 kg of bacteria, and spread the cake powder mixed with the bacteria evenly on the surface of the straw that is poured over the water. Use shovels and other tools to mix and pour them into a strip that is 2 meters wide, 1.5 meters high, and unlimited in length.
Fourth, the straw decay process. 1 warming phase: from normal temperature to 50 °C, usually only one day. 2 High temperature stage: Generally only 2 days from 50-70°C. 3 cooling phase: from high temperature down to below 50 °C, usually about 10 days, when the straw fertilizer process is basically completed, fertilizer can be directly applied.
Fifth, signs of straw fertilizer maturity. (1) The straw becomes brown or dark brown, and it is soft and elastic when it is wet, and it is brittle and easily broken when dry. (2) After maturity, the heap collapses by 1/3 or 1/2 as compared with that immediately after heaping.
Six, straw fertilizer application method. (1) Straw fertilizer is generally used as a base fertilizer and can be applied wet. Do top dressing should cover soil. Semi-mature fertilizers are applied to crops with a longer growth period, straws with high maturity are applied to crops with a shorter growing period such as fruits and vegetables, semi-rotten fertilizers are used for sand, and clays are best used for high maturity. fertilizer. (2) Straw manure is very rich in organic matter, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are relatively balanced, and also contains various trace elements. It is a common fertilizer suitable for all kinds of crops and all kinds of soil, and has significant effects of improving product quality and increasing yield.

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