Selection and Connection of Agricultural Motor Lines

First, the choice of wire Traction wire for tractors, agricultural vehicles can be divided into two kinds of low-voltage lines and high-voltage lines. The choice of low-voltage line is based on temperature rise, while the high-voltage line is based on pressure. Generally in the hot summer season, the temperature rise of the wire in the environment (the temperature rise caused by the current heating effect) must not exceed 10° C. in the case where the temperature around the engine is as high as 70 to 90° C. The outer conductor of the wire must be covered with an insulating layer, and the inner part is composed of strands of copper wire. The cross-sectional area of ​​the wire is unequal, and the driver can select the section of the wire according to the size of the passing current. Replacing small-section conductors with large-section conductors will cause economical waste; replacing large-section conductors with small-section conductors will lead to overheating of the conductors and increase of current through resistance, which will affect the normal operation of electrical equipment. The requirements for selecting the wire are as follows: 1. The main indicators of the high-voltage wire are: good insulation, and its withstand voltage should be above 15,000V. The test method is: The high-voltage wire is immersed in warm water for 3 hours and then taken out. The test is conducted with an AC voltage of 15,000 V for 5 minutes and should not be broken down. The thickness of the outer layer of PVC or NBR rubber insulation should not be less than 2 to 4mm, and the outer layer should be coated with a layer of immersed lacquer. 2. The lead from the accumulator to the starter motor is not less than 25m2 in cross section due to the large current to drive the starter. It is generally 40 to 70m2. 3. In the lamp line, the cross section of the headlights of the headlights is 1.5 to 2.5 m2; the cross section of the headlights near the light is 1 to 1.5 m2; the cross sections of the small lamps, tail lamps, and turn signals are as follows: 0.75 to 1m square meters. 4. In the charging circuit, the conductor of the generator armature to the regulator armature and the regulator battery is 2.5 to 3 m2; the magnetic field of the generator to the regulator magnetic field and grounding conductor is 0.75 to 1 m2. Second, the quality of the connection wire of the wire, will directly affect the life of the wire and the reliability of the work of various electrical appliances, the correct installation and connection methods are as follows: (1) using a single wire system, that is, the power equipment uses only one wire, The other one is replaced by the body and is often referred to as "putting down." (2) The whole car line is generally bounded by ammeters. The ammeter is connected in series in the charging circuit. The line from the ammeter to the battery is called the line before the current, and the line from the ammeter to the regulator is called the line after the ammeter. (3) The power switch is the main hub of the line and is connected in series behind the ammeter. One end is connected to the regulator of the power supply (battery and generator), and the other end is connected to the starter switch and other electrical equipment. (4) The electricity-consuming equipment (such as starter motor) with large power consumption is connected to the ammeter before the current does not pass through the ammeter. Some models of electric horns, because of the large power consumption, are mostly connected to the line before the ammeter to avoid high current to burn the ammeter. (5) In addition to starting the motor, all electrical equipment passes the power switch and is connected in parallel with the power supply on the line behind the ammeter. When the generator is not working or the voltage is lower than the battery, the electric equipment is supplied with oil from the battery and the ammeter pointer is set to the “-” value direction; when the generator voltage is higher than the battery, all the electricity equipment is powered by the generator and The ammeter charges the battery and the ammeter pointer swings towards the "+" value. (6) The grounding polarity of the battery and the generator and the silicon-rectifier generator must be the same.

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