Resting fennel cultivation techniques

The planting area of ​​resting fennel in Xinjiang has reached more than 300,000 mu, and is mainly planted in Turpan, Kuche, Shaya, Kashgar and Hetian areas. It accounts for more than 90% of the country's total planting area, and the total annual production in the whole of Xinjiang is between 620 and 4000 tons. As a natural spice, it has high economic value and practical value in food and pharmaceutical industry. In Xinjiang, it is mainly flavored seasoning of lamb. 1 Characteristics Cuminum cyminum (Cuminum cyminum L.) is a spice crop of the genus Umbelliferae. Annual herb. Plant height 20 ~ 35cm, stem erect, individual branches 6 to 9; leaf acicular; flowers yellow or purple; whole plant with green or green white, smooth and hairless. The growing period is 90-100 days. 2 Cultivation Techniques 2.1 Land preparation The selection of irrigation and drainage system is good, soil fertility is high, and sunny soil is planted. Apply fertilizer at the base before sowing, plowing depth 20 ~ 25cm. And hit 0.3 to 0.5 acres of Georgia, flattened to be broadcast. 2.2 Select the appropriate seeds for the appropriate period of time, use dry sowing or combination sowing. The former is more often used in the Hotan area. Autumn sowing (packed eggs) or spring sowing (from late February to early March). Drawcast or shallow drill (row spacing 30 ~ 35cm), broadcast depth 1.5 ~ 2.0cm. Mu 1.5 ~ 2.0kg sowing, need to incorporate appropriate amount of dry sand in the seed, is conducive to the next species uniform. 2.3 Field Management Firstly, when the seeds and fennel are replenished, they should be timed and weeded. For excessively large plots, the excess seedlings should be properly removed to maintain an appropriate group structure. Simultaneously weed out the weeds in the fields and between plants to reduce the consumption of soil nutrients. Drilling plots should be cultivating loose soil to increase ground temperature. The second is to irrigate 3 waters during the whole growth period of resting fennel. After the early spring Qimiao, general plant height is about 10cm, you can fill the first water, mu irrigation control in about 50 cubic meters, Hetian area in mid-April; the second water in the end of April to early May, mu irrigation control in About 70 cubic meters; the third water before the end of May, acres of control at about 60 cubic meters. Using trickle slow irrigation or trickle furrow irrigation, avoid flooding. The third is to combine the irrigation of the first and second water, each applying 10 kg of urea per mu. Spread or ditch. 2.4 Timely Harvest When the whole field is 85% mature, it can be harvested. At this point the plants turn green from yellow. Manually remove the loss in the early morning. Dry rolling and threshing, timely storage. To avoid dripping rain and fennel, with water, easy to change color, rotten, affect product quality and commercial.

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