Cucumber storage method

Cucumbers are generally preserved by low-temperature refrigeration. Freshness can only be maintained for two weeks and it will reduce the original flavor. Introduce an economical, practical and easy-to-use cucumber preservation method. Everyone may wish to try it. Diluted saline is added to the sink (better flow) and the cucumber is soaked in it. The water will produce a lot of tiny bubbles, bubbles around the cucumber, can maintain the cucumber's breathing. At the same time, salt water and make cucumber lose water and prevent rot. Using this method to store cucumbers can be preserved at room temperature of 18-25°C for about 20 days.

Red Ginseng is widely used in daily life. It can be sliced in the mouth for a while, chewed, brewed tea, swallowed after grinding, or swallowed.
Fried soup, stew. Among them, chewing is the simplest way to take it. Cut red ginseng into thin slices and take 2-3 slices and 3 grams or so in your mouth for a moment. Chew them carefully when saliva is abundant in your mouth. Or tea, cut red ginseng into thin slices, take 2 - 3 grams in a bowl or cup, add boiling water to brew, cover for 5 minutes, then take, chew and swallow the ginseng slices several times. When used at the end of grinding, the ginseng is ground into fine powder and swallowed every day. The dosage of red ginseng in this method is less, depending on the individual's physique, generally 1-1.5 grams per time.

Red Ginseng

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