Pig breeding technology

Xiang pig is an invaluable treasure for China's pig breeds, and it is a state-protected pig breed and a precious small local pig breed. It is native to the border areas of Guizhou, Jianjiang and Jianhe and Guangxi. The boar is small in size, with dimples on the back and waist, relatively short extremities, small heads, pink pink on the kissing end, lotus leaf on the ears, obvious hairless areas around the eyes, and a basic color of black (Currently, the Guizhou Pig Research Institute has A white fragrant pig was grown. The pigs are precocious and easy-to-manure, with thin and thin skin, tender and succulent, and rich aroma. The suckling pigs have no odor, and they are fragrant with no seasoning during cooking. They are the best choice for processing high-grade meat products and are preferred for roast suckling pigs. raw material. The pigs are resistant to rough feeding and have fewer diseases and are easy to feed. They are suitable for farming in one household. Its breeding techniques are as follows. (a) Construction of pig houses The construction of pig houses is conducted in a place where the terrain is dry, leeward, and level. The form of the pig house can be either single row or double row, but masonry walls and cement must be used to flush and clean the pig house. The pig house should be higher than the average pig house. Each head should occupy 0.8 square meters and 8 to 10 heads of each cap should be suitable. A fecal site should be set up outside the pig house and the area should be calculated at 1.5 square meters per pig. The suitable ambient temperature for the growth of the pigs is 15 to 30°C, so shading is required in summer and insulation is required in winter. (b) Management of suckling piglets Feeding good piglets is the key to improving survival and commercial pigs. After the small pig is born, the sow's nipple should be fixed so that the piglet can eat the colostrum, and the thermal insulation can be strengthened to allow it to be eaten as early as possible. Generally, the concentrate feed can be supplemented after 4 days of birth. Formulation for piglets: 58% corn powder, 18% soybean meal, 25% soybean powder (fried), 2% citric acid, 4% milk powder, 1% calcium phosphate, 1.7% calcium dihydrogen phosphate, 0.3% salt, and additives Formula 2: Formulation 5: corn flour 55%, soybean meal 35%, citric acid 2%, milk powder 5%, calcium phosphate 1%, potassium dihydrogen phosphate 1.7%, salt 0.3%, and additive amount. Piglets can feed all wet materials, feeding 4 to 6 times a day and feeding them once a night. In 25 to 44 days, piglets can be weaned and piglets are reared in groups after weaning. Immediately after 1 month of age, swine fever, swine erysipelas and swine flu vaccine were injected. (III) Management of adult sweet pigs Xiang pig is a semi-herbivore animal and has a particularly strong ability to digest roughage. Adult rough pigs' roughage can account for 70% to 80% of the diet, and concentrate feed accounts for 20% of the diet. ~30%. Various types of cereals, wild vegetables, weeds, Chinese cabbage, radish, beets, and silage corn stalks are all good feeds for the Xiang pigs, but they should be dominated by green fodder. In order to increase feed remuneration and meet the standards of commodity pigs as soon as possible, scientific feeding should be carried out. The first is to regularly feed 4 times a day, starting from 7 a.m. and feeding once every 4 hours; the second is quantifying, and weighs 20 kilograms. The above pigs were fed at 4.5% of their body weight, and pigs within 20 kg were fed at 3.5% of their body weight. After 2 months of age, limit their activities to make them grow. (IV) Reproduction of fragrant pigs Sexual maturity of boars is particularly early and boars reach sexual maturity at 70 days of age. The best breeding time for boars is 90 days and the weight is about 10 kg. The sexual maturity of sows is later than that of boars. Estrus should be started on about 120 days. The initial allocation time should be 150 days and the weight should be about 20 kg. The pig can produce 2 children a year, about 8 per child. The weight of the pig was about 0.3-0.5 kg at birth. The mortality rate of piglets within 5 days after birth was higher, and the main reasons for the high mortality rate of piglets were freezing, squeezing and death. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the sow's farrowing season to avoid cold winter and early spring farrowing. The delivery room is kept warm and dry, an incubator is provided, and soft hay is placed inside to make the piglets warm and comfortable. The incubator must prevent cold and prevent sows from injuring the piglets. When the temperature is low, hang a bulb in the incubator so that the temperature of the piglet is about 30°C. (E) Prevention of Diseases First, prevent disease early prevention, wash feces once a day, take shelter in the summer to shade, keep warm in greenhouses in winter, often brush troughs, water pipes, and regularly disinfect pig houses; followed by early treatment, especially It is necessary to pay attention to prevention and treatment of paratyphoid fever in piglets. (6) When the piglets are fed in a timely manner to 5 to 7 weeks of age, they can be marketed as raw materials for roast pigs, and they should be sold in a timely manner. If the breeding pigs and general merchandising pigs are sold, the selling time can be determined according to the market, but the feeding time Should not be too long.

Compacted Oxygen Generator

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