Low engine speed after engine start

When the phenomenon occurs that the speed of the agricultural vehicle engine is low or even extinguished after the engine starts, it indicates that the fuel supply system of the locomotive has a failure, and this failure is again reflected in the speed regulation mechanism. S series of speed cont ----more

Three tree medicine Codonopsis | Lithospermum | White f…

Heilongjiang Sanshu Pharmaceutical City December 20th News Codonopsis ginseng price increase, is a hot drug market species, from the smooth turnaround in recent days, large cargo moves little, mainly in small batch transactions, frequent sporadic transactions, Price: About 75-78 yuan for t ----more

High-yield and high-quality vegetables in the greenhous…

For greenhouse vegetables to achieve high yield and quality, special attention should be paid to maintaining their own operating balance in the growth process, a good balance in order to improve the growth rate and immune function; Second, pay attention to nutritional balance; Third, pay attention ----more

Method for making dehydrated potato

The main processes for dewatering potatoes include raw material cleaning, peeling, slicing, soaking, blanching, sulfur treatment, dehydration, and packaging. Raw materials: The dehydrated potato should have large tubers, a smooth surface, a thin epidermis, light and little buds, white or pale yel ----more

Remember the 12 benefits of soybeans

Today, the extremely high nutritional value of soybeans (soybeans, black beans) and their excellent health care functions are increasingly known as “modern gods”. Benefit 1: "Smart Power" Soybean is rich in phospholipids, a natural nutrient and an important ingredient in bu ----more

Ten natural and nutritious seasoning foods

Firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, and tea are just like the “four treasures” in the kitchen. They are indispensable. But when you come to a new generation of food and drink who knows how to eat and talk about health and nutrition, we believe that we can make foods that have g ----more

Cashmere Goat's Drug Deworming

Parasitic disease is one of the three major diseases of sheep (infectious diseases, parasitic diseases, and common diseases). It is mainly parasitized in the body's surface, digestive tract, or internal organs. It absorbs the blood and other nutrients of sheep and causes sheep's disease. An ----more