Prevention of Ivy Death

Based on the above symptoms and our preliminary investigation and observation of the diseases and insect pests in the production of ivy, we believe that the disease often occurs in the base of the stem and the stem sections of the stem, become soft, shrink, dark brown later, the disease The above ----more

Microcystis Counting Solution

Abstract: Microcystis count is a difficult task in algae monitoring experiments. In this paper, the microalgae cell count is performed using the fast Algacount algae counter, which greatly shortens the time and labor required for counting and improves the counting efficiency. Key words: Cystic a ----more

Buckwheat high-yielding planting technology

1 buckwheat type. 1 Ordinary buckwheat: Also known as sweet buckwheat, this type is cultivated in northern China. The seeds are three prisms, black or dark gray, good quality, good taste, flowers are red or white. 2 buckwheat: also known as buckwheat. More cultivated in the northwest and southwes ----more

Sugar garlic marinating

Choose fresh garlic heads with large heads, cut the garlic stems and fibrous roots, and peel off the rough skin. Soak in clean water for about 5 days (change water once a day). Then it was marinated for 3 days with 500 grams of garlic and 100 grams of salt, and it was taken out and allowed to dry. ----more

HIV infected people in China gradually enter the onset

On December 1st, the 25th "World AIDS Day" will usher in. The theme of this year is "to take action and move toward 'zero' AIDS - participation by the entire people, full investment, and comprehensive prevention." On November 28, the Ministry of Health informed ----more

Why stinky tofu is so stinky?

Stinky tofu, although its name is cheesy, it has a long history, but it is a very special flavor. It is old and traditional, and once tasted, it is often overwhelming. There are regional differences in the way of production and consumption in China and around the world. The stinky tofu in Changsha ----more

White rust of cabbage

White rust is one of the major diseases on Chinese cabbage. White rust mainly damages the leaves. On the front of the leaves, the lesions are chlorotic dots at the beginning, the edges are not clear, and later develop into yellow lesions, and finally brown necrosis. On the back of the leaves, a sli ----more