How to breed clover

As its name suggests, its leaves are colorful and bright, with yellow, red and purple colors, and different shades of color. They are irregularly colored and highly varied. They are very popular foliage plants. This grassland is produced in Indonesia, and it is warm and cold. The winter temperatur ----more

Extend the freshness of flower arranging "Seven Ch…

The first is "fitness." That is to say, the time for drawing should be appropriate. Normally, winter should be collected at noon. Spring and autumn are best collected in the morning and evening. Summer is best collected in the early morning and after the rain. According to different flowe ----more

Mole domestication and management methods

Sheep, also known as Theron, Mole. The sheep's head is large and flat, and its vision is extremely undeveloped. Its back hair is silver-gray and slightly pale in color. They are mainly distributed in the northeastern western part of China, north Hebei, Inner Mongolia, northwestern mountainous ----more

Processing of carrots

Choose a thin, flesh-thick, compact and crisp tissue, no pests, and no damage to fresh carrots as raw materials. At the same time, prepare white sugar, citric acid, honey, sweet-scented osmanthus, etc. (30 kg of white granulated sugar per 50 kg of carrot). Wash the carrot, cut off the skin, cut int ----more

Tomato with Magnesium Sulfate Magnesium Fertilizer

According to the test results of Jiejinghar Village in Dingzha Town, Jiashan, Zhejiang Province, the application of potassium magnesium fertilizer in tomato could significantly promote tomato growth and increase tomato yield. 1. Effect on tomato growth. Potassium fertilizer can promote the growth ----more

Lily storage and preservation technology

Lily is more likely to be cold and warm, and the scales will turn red and dry when it is affected by the wind. The storage method is more, especially the yellow sand burial method is better. The specific approach is: in the room with bricks or cement to build a buried pit, can also be used wooden ----more

Grapes in summer must be well protected against disease

In the summer, most of our province has more rainfall, and the grape is susceptible to disease on a large area. Therefore, for grape growers, special attention should be paid to disease prevention in the summer, especially the prevention of blackpox, white rot, anthrax, and downy mildew. First, t ----more