A summary of artificial breeding and breeding technique…

The major hedgehog (Mastacembelue armatus) belongs to the order Acridoides, Robinia, Robinia, commonly known as Spicy Cone, Pork Saw, Stone Cone and so on. Mainly distributed in Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian and other places. After the 1980s, wild resources were exhausted due to overfishing and river ----more

Is the oil thicker?

Many customers think that the thicker the oil, the better. This is a wrong view. Because the viscosity of the oil we see at room temperature does not represent its viscosity at high temperatures, nor does it represent its viscosity at low temperatures. The viscosity of the oil changes with temperat ----more

New cotton leaf fertilizer spraying technology

First, the cotton seedlings at the seedling stage of spraying cotton fertilizer spraying fertilizer at the seedling stage leaves, can promote the early emergence of cotton seedlings, promote weak seedlings into strong seedlings, and can control plant height, prevent leggy. Optional spray fertilizer ----more

New Pig Breeding Method - "Back Feeding"

At present, most of the pigs adopt two methods: one is the “hanging shelf” rearing method. In the early stage, a large amount of green and roughage feeds are used, and the amount of fine material is small. When the pig grows to 50-60 kg, the high-energy concentrate is raided. fatten. Al ----more

The Latest Technology of Making Organic Fertilizer from…

First, the choice of fertilizer sites. Fertilizer production sites should be flat, near the water leeward sunny place, can be produced in the open air all year round. Second, preparation of fertilizer materials (take 1 ton dry straw as an example). 1 1,000 kg of crop stalks. 2 baking powder 20 kg. ----more

Method for storing chestnut

In the chestnut harvest season, the author introduced several simple storage methods. The dry method is to pour the fresh chestnut into boiling water and cook for 5-10 minutes, or dip the chestnut in cold water for one week, then remove it and let it dry (in order to shake it), then put it in a ve ----more

Six kinds of fertilization techniques and fertilizers w…

In the spring of this year, experts in agriculture, soil and fertilizer in Jilin and Heilongjiang put forward six kinds of scientific fertilization techniques and fertilizers worthy of popularization such as balanced soil fertigation based on the situation of China's agriculture and rural prod ----more