Factors Affecting the Quality of Microscopic Imaging--M…

Microscope lenses are of different types, but even for the same type of lens, the imaging quality is very different, mainly due to factors such as material, processing accuracy and lens structure, and also leads to different grades of lens prices. A huge difference from a few hundred yuan to severa ----more

Red skin fruits and vegetables help prevent cancer

Singapore researchers found that the red epidermis of fruits and vegetables helps prevent breast cancer and prostate cancer, and may also help treat cancer patients. Dr. Xu Dehong, a cancer researcher at the Singapore National Cancer Center, recently published a report saying that he discovered p ----more

New built-in wireless blood glucose sensor for long-ter…

Release date: 2010-08-10 An animal test at the University of California, San Diego, showed that the new implantable wireless blood glucose sensor continuously monitors blood glucose levels for more than a year. The investigators placed the device in a subcutaneous tissue of a non-diabetic pig ----more

Six kinds of brain food

Eat more easily digestible and nutritious foods, ensure adequate protein, eat foods rich in vitamin B and vitamin C, and choline-rich foods such as apricots, bananas, grapes, oranges, and fish. There are also certain benefits to dishes and dishes. Dark green leafy vegetables The metabolism of pr ----more

What is the use of greenhouse warmers?

The greenhouse warmer directly relates to the economic benefits of vegetable growers. It protects your greenhouse, improves soil structure, increases the output of your vegetables, and improves economic efficiency. Let's take the warming agent of Ginbon as an example. Jinbao greenhouse warmin ----more

Not suitable for crop fertilization

1. Unripe farmyard manure and cake fat should not be used directly. The unripe farmyard manure and cake manure contain multiple eggs and germs, and also produce large amounts of carbon dioxide gas and heat. The direct use will pollute the soil, accelerate the evaporation of soil moisture, burn the ----more

System composition of high and low temperature test cha…

Humidity incubator means capable of applying temperature and humidity chamber at the same stress. With the development of industrial products in China, in recent years, China has introduced a large number of test systems from abroad, which played an important role in the development and finalizatio ----more