Timely prevention of root rot

In recent years, root rot has become the primary disease that restricts the yield and quality of green onions. With the advent of high temperatures and rainy seasons, the occurrence of root rot of green onions has increased. When the root rot occurred, the onion tip yellowed and then shrivelled to ----more

Why do Chinese herbal medicines have a high fever?

Business Club May 30th May 26th, Beijing Golden Elephant Pharmacy Xidan Golden Elephant Medical Center opened again. On the opening day, many well-known Chinese medicine practitioners were invited to the site to conduct free clinic activities and attracted a large number of patients. One ----more

The Nursing Management Techniques of Young Camellia in …

From May to June, it is the season for raising Camellia oleifera Linn. It is one of the key measures for high-yield cultivation of Camellia oleifera, which can promote the growth of Camellia oleifera forest and improve drought resistance. In order to help forest farmers do a good job in summer care ----more

The soft-shelled turtle opens the "four levels&quo…

During the spring, it is the top priority of the current work to do a good job in the “water quality, temperature difference, nutrition, and disease prevention” of turtle culture. The water quality is related to "fishing first to raise water," and "broad water raising f ----more

Cherry tomatoes have a coup

Take the method of cross-convergence between plants and strains, that is, remove the plants from the ropes, remove the old leaves from the lower part, and gently twist the plants to the position of the same nearby plants and then hang them again. The falling vines must be in the same direction in a ----more

Medicinal supplement probiotics can be used for health …

The “Measures for the Registration of Health Food (Trial)” has a separate chapter on the management of raw materials and accessories for health foods. Article 63 stipulates that the raw materials and auxiliary materials used for health foods that are published by the State Food ----more

Caged ducks pay attention to the prevention of three di…

The rearing of ducks and ducks is a kind of efficient duck raising method that has emerged after stocking and captivity. This law will be the current Beijing Duck, Cherry Valley Duck, South Suwako and other excellent duck from the ducklings out of the shell to the entire listing of the cage in the ----more