Leaf litter treatment as fertilizer

Every city's environmental protection, living garbage, leaf litter, and silt are all headaches. Take leaf litter as an example. Leaf litter itself is not worth a few dollars. Pulling out takes a lot of freight cleaning costs. Labor costs are not Say, we must re-pollution to other places, that ----more

Clever freshwater fish soil smell

Freshwater fish is delicious and nutritious, but it is treated poorly during cooking and has a heavy earthy smell. There are many ways to remove the smell of freshwater fish. Here are some simple and easy methods. First, the freshwater fish should be washed and placed in cold water, then poured in ----more

Aloe Vera Planting Technology

Aloe is a perennial evergreen, succulent herbaceous plant of the family Liliaceae. It is native to tropical deserts in Africa. It is resistant to lean, dry, and cold and humid. At present, many places in our country have planting and production bases. Aloe vera has very high medicinal value and has ----more

How to protect seedlings from cold

In the winter in northern China, it is cold. To protect the seedlings from the south, to transplant seedlings in the south, to plant biennial flowers in open fields, and to prevent cold and perennial flowers, it is necessary to protect against cold. Here are some common measures for preventing col ----more

Hog Technology

The Spring Festival is approaching, and people celebrate the killing of pigs and sheep. If the method of slaughtering pigs is appropriate, not only labor and labor but also the normal color and quality of pork can be obtained. Therefore, the technology of pig slaughter is introduced as follows: (a ----more

What are the main equipment for raising sheep?

What are the main equipment for raising sheep? (1) Feeding trough: Feeding trough can be used to feed forage and hay in various forms. The following are commonly used: 1 Fixed rectangular feed trough. Bricks, stones, and cement are used to build a rectangular fixed feed trough in the feed yard, whi ----more

How to ensure the quality of green food

How to ensure the quality of green foods With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, consumer tastes are also increasing, and the requirements for foods are gradually stricter, especially for green foods. What kind of soil is required to produce green foods? First, the soil i ----more