The use of biotechnology to control sugarcane aphids is…

It kills insects without pesticides, and it works better. It is reported that a new type of biological insect control technology called the "attractive" prevention and control method for sexual attractants has recently been used in Guitang City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It can re ----more

The role of fruit bagging

China's fruit bagging technology was introduced from Japan and other countries in the early 1990s and has entered a large-scale promotion stage. The variety of bagging products has been extended to apples, pears, peaches, grapes, starfruits, mangoes, etc. A variety of fruits. The biggest benef ----more

After chestnut picking, pay attention to timely managem…

Each year from August to early October is the initial stage of flower bud differentiation of chestnut. Whether or not it can timely strengthen autumn and winter management after fruit harvesting will directly affect the output of the next year. Give "post-natal fertility." After fruit har ----more

Safe use of rice transplanter

In recent years, with the widespread application of rice transplanters, due to improper operator operations and many other human factors, there have been mechanical failures and personal injury accidents. According to many years of practical experience, the author takes the 2ZT-935 transplanter as ----more

How to Prevent and Treat Pests and Diseases in Kiwifrui…

The readers of Liu Dapeng in Xixia County, and Mr. Hong in Sanmenxia City dialed the hotline 110 hotline of the newspaper to inquire about how to prevent and treat diseases and pests in the Kiwifruit Garden in the winter. This reporter interviewed experts from the expert advisory group of this news ----more

Garlic planting technology

First, choose the best varieties, and do a good job Garlic processing. Planting autumn seedlings and garlic seedlings strive to use good early-maturity multi-valve garlic seeds. Before the planting, the garlic sprouts are separated and divided into three levels according to the large, medium and sm ----more

Native chicken brood six attention

First, pay attention to the selection of varieties to be selected by the local chicken species. In this way, the chicks have uniform growth, relatively fast growth, and uniform hair color. Second, pay attention to the indoor temperature It ranges from 35°C to 32°C from 0 to 1 week of age, ----more