Japanese research found that saliva contains anti-cance…

Release date: 2010-05-31 Saliva is called Jinjin Yuye in ancient books. However, modern science has found that saliva is a mysterious world. Saliva, commonly known as "saliva", is secreted by the salivary glands. They are almost completely swallowed and absorbed into the bloodstream ----more

Pear fruit bagging improves quality

Pear fruit bags can effectively prevent pests and diseases, reduce pesticide pollution, and delay the development of pear fruit spots and rust spots. The resulting fruit spots are shallow and small, so that the fruit surface is clean and beautiful, the fruit storage period is prolonged, the commod ----more

Intercropping Technology of Cucumber and Pepper in Gree…

Greenhouses can benefit from growing vegetables, and vegetable farmers can use the light energy and temperature of plastic greenhouses to practice intercropping with peppers. This can effectively control the occurrence of pepper anthracnose and cucumber downy mildew, and the economic benefits are ----more

Potato pest control

Potato whitefly disease distribution and host plants: Symptoms: White tuber-shaped hyphae on the tubers and brown nucleus nucleus. Discolored subcutaneous tissue in the diseased area. Incidence and control methods. Solanaceae vegetable diseases and cucurbitaceae, legumes and so on. Under the cond ----more

High humidity season alert to cow mastitis attack

Dairy cow mastitis is one of the four major diseases of dairy cows. The incidence of the disease is affected by factors such as temperature and environment, in addition to pathogens. For example, in June, July and August, due to high temperatures, large numbers of pathogenic bacteria, and abundant ----more

Strengthen water and fertilizer management and grow goo…

In the process of cultivation of yam, due to improper management of fertilizer and water, it often causes leeches or drought; nutrients are not supplied during the growth period, which results in serious reduction of yam production and directly affects the yield. First, the most important top-dre ----more

Prevention and Control Techniques of Day Lily Pest

One, red spider. Red spider is a small, spider-shaped red bug. Injury leaves, adults and nymphs cluster on the back of leaves, sucking plant juices. The gray and white dots appeared in the victim's place. When it was serious, the entire blade was gray and eventually died. Control methods: 1 S ----more