Cultivation of straw mushrooms in open air

Straw mushroom is a kind of hi-temperature and high-humidity fungus. The temperature required for the mycelium is 20°C to 40°C, and the optimum temperature is 25°C to 35°C. The fruit body can grow and develop in the range of 34°C to 45°C. The most suitable season for planting stra ----more

Reasons and Countermeasures for Low Survival Rate of Fr…

Spring is coming and the season of fry cultivation is coming. In recent days, we have received letters from friends of some fish farmers, reflecting the low survival rate of the fry and fish fry they purchased, and some even annihilated. Why is this? How can I solve it? To this end, we specifically ----more

Air discharge fruits and vegetables fresh-keeping techn…

Air-discharge fruits and vegetables fresh-keeping technology Air-discharged fruits and vegetables fresh-keeping technology is developed by the dozens of professors and doctors of Huazhong University of Science and Technology in the country's "Seventh Five-Year Plan" scientific and tec ----more

Heifeng Wuji Breeding Technology

Heifeng Wuji is a unique source of rare birds in China and is a traditional foreign exchange earning product. It is welcomed by Japan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. Black Phoenix black chicken is full of black body, in line with China's market demand, comply with the world's new wave of bla ----more

Thorn Bream Breeding Technique (II)

Third, the thorn fish into the fish to obtain natural waters, disease-free without injury, physical fitness, individual specifications of 1200 grams. The average size of the product is 0.67 kg. It is routinely disinfected with malachite green before entering the pool, and is reared by size. Fourth, ----more

Ginkgo summer tender cuttings

In order to rapidly cultivate Ginkgo biloba seedlings, practice has shown that Ginkgo biloba shoots are cut in summer, and new shoots are used for cuttings in spring to shoot cuttings. This breeding method can preserve the heredity of the excellent characteristics of the mother tree, at the same ti ----more

Aquatic products frozen processing technology

First, frozen fish processing raw fish → washing → selection → weighing → loading → freezing → release → ice coating → packaging → finished product refrigerated (a) operation points 1 after the fish rinsed, according to species, specifi ----more