High use of pesticides for target spray

The scientific use of pesticides to control crop pests and weeds is one of the important means of ensuring high quality, high yield, and high efficiency in agricultural production. However, due to the fact that most rural areas in China are mostly households that use pesticides dispersedly, the us ----more

Autumn storage forage with stress

There are many drying methods for hay to modulate quality hay. The simplest method is natural drying. The harvested pasture should be dried in place or transported to a place with high dryness, or on a shelf for drying. Transition to a scaled, mechanized drying method when conditions allow. No mat ----more

Dry Sausage Fermented Goats Benefit Many

The digestive tract of the goose is relatively short, and about 70% of the organic matter produced in the feces is not decomposed. If the excrement with high moisture content and high organic content cannot be treated in a timely manner, it will become deodorant. If geese are used to grow goose, t ----more

Summer drink melon seafood soup appetizer Sheng Jin Qin…

Dongguai seafood soup is very suitable for summer drinking soup, fresh and delicious soup, there are heat and nourishing effect. Today's seafood matching with melon has used a very common oysters, shrimp and squid, taste fresh enough, add some home-made elderly people to improve the taste of w ----more

What soup to drink in autumn is the most nutritious

In autumn, people are prone to colds and upper respiratory tract inflammation. The nose, throat, bronchus, etc. are all easy to be affected. At this time, it is not only necessary to burn the hot and cold, but also to prevent the evil from hurting the lungs. Here are some soups for reference: 1. ----more

Teach you to raise a moderate amount of grass carp

Grass carp is the largest species of freshwater aquaculture in China. In recent years, farmers have made a profit, and the aquaculture area has been expanding year by year. Every October-December is the season of concentrated fish. How is the price of fish? Have you sold anything? Whether or not i ----more

Grazing Techniques for Breeding Wild Ducks

In the south, breeding ducks can be grazing all year round; in the north, they need to be grazing and entering feeding and management during the wintering period. Therefore, the grazing of wild ducks grown in the north is a process of re-grazing after the spring and ice melting. Its operation is: ----more