It is indispensable to have six items of high efficienc…

It is the best brooding season in the year to breed ducklings in the spring, with few epidemics, easy to survive, fast growth, and good management. The following six links must be mastered in raising: First, avoid hot and cold. The weather in spring is changeable. During brooding, great attention ----more

Application of biological potassium fertilizer eight po…

The main role of potash fertilizer is to improve the quality of agricultural products and crop resistance. There are few varieties of potash fertilizer, potassium chloride, potassium sulfate, potassium magnesium fertilizer and biological potassium fertilizer are commonly used. Biopotash fertilize ----more

Electric heater data map

Electric heater data map In the calculation of engineering and the selection of electric heaters, some common data are often involved, such as heat loss on the surface of the medium, and the medium is different. Temperature changes under working conditions, etc. In o ----more

The reason why the calf is unhappy

Some farmers report that the calves raised at home are unhappy. The author believes that the reasons are mainly the following six aspects. I. Weaning is unreasonable: Farmers tend to adopt a weaning method and raise the market immediately after weaning. This has led to a sudden change in the stab ----more

Talk about the process of piglet castration

The following is the castration method I currently use. Piglets are required to castrated within ten days of age. The pig's health status is observed before castration. If there are diarrhea, frailty, skin diseases and other unhealthy pigs, castration is not performed first. Something that ne ----more

Rice Super High Yield Cultivation Technique

This technology includes northern high-yield rice cultivation techniques, southern double-cropping rice super-high yield cultivation techniques, southern high-yielding cultivation techniques of mid-season rice, super-high yield cultivation techniques of mid-lower reaches of the Yangtze River and r ----more

Zucchini Variety - Han Yu

This variety is a hybrid of the early-maturing zucchini, 40 days after sowing, the commodity melon can be picked, and the tender melon is a milky-white, slightly green reticulated melon, and the meat is fresh and crisp. As long as 18 to 20 cm can be harvested, cylindrical melon. The yield is high, ----more