Medical waste high temperature sterilization treatment …

Release date: 2006-09-28 Medical waste high temperature sterilization treatment system passed the identification Recently, the “medical waste high-temperature sterilization treatment system” developed and produced by Shandong Xinhua Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. passed the technical ----more

Introducing live bait for breeding bullfrogs

Bullfrogs mainly feed on insects, earthworms, and fly maggots. Under artificial rearing conditions, animals that feed on dead animals and artificially formulated feeds, such as small fish and shrimp, cockroaches, fly pupae, animal viscera, and meat processing waste, can be fed. The feeding habits o ----more

Papaya series food processing technology

The papaya in this article refers to the papaya fruit of the papaya family and is cultivated in Guangdong, Fujian, Guangxi, and Yunnan. 1. Papaya drink. 1 Select fresh fruit, fully mature, no pests and mildew deterioration of papaya. 2 Wash the papaya, remove the heart and seeds, and cut into 1 cm ----more

The Physiology and Characteristics of Cultured Small Si…

At present, in the sericulture industry, generally, 1 to 3 instar silkworms are called small silkworms, and 4 to 5 instars are called silkworms. (1) Small silkworms require high temperature and humidity. Silkworm is a temperature-changing animal, and its body temperature changes with the change of ----more

Autumn Sericulture Techniques

Autumn silk mulberry breeding technology is simple and easy to master. The implementation of autumn silkworm mulberry breeding will help save the time of mulberry harvest, reduce the use of mulberry workers and winter cutting labor, promote the spring mulberry spring, and improve the yield and qual ----more

Five items of fishing in summer and autumn rounds

Choose the right time: it should be selected when the weather is normal, relatively cool, and the fish do not float. Generally caught in the middle of the night until dawn, you can promptly supply fish to the morning market. Prepare before catching: Arrange skilled operators and do a good job of d ----more

Active and healthy protection against peanut leaf spot …

"Living Kang Zhuang" is developed by national scientific and technical personnel, based on resonance theory and biochemical technology. It has been tried by all over the country and its effect is amazing. It is praised by many users as the nemesis of disease prevention and control. In ord ----more