Drying box common troubleshooting and routine maintenan…

Common troubleshooting and daily maintenance methods for drying ovens The drying boxes of Shanghai Kailang Instrument Equipment Factory are manufactured in strict accordance with relevant national technical regulations, and have passed strict internal quality standard ----more

Pepper Bacterial Blight Control Six Methods

Pepper bacterial wilt is a typical bacterial soil-borne disease. Its pathogen is Pseudomonas palustris. Bacteria survive for a long time, mainly through the invasion of plant stems. Farming operations such as transplants and loose soils, as well as root wounds caused by insects and other injuries ----more

Orchard farming

Orchard raising chickens can reduce the cost of raising chickens, enhance the constitution of chickens, reduce the incidence of diseases, reduce the abuse of antibiotics and other drugs, and produce the “green meat food” that consumers like. It can also put quality chicken manure that ----more

Focus on innovation and promote tea culture

"Reviving Chinese Tea Culture and Revitalizing China's Tea Industry" is the long-term goal of China International Tea Culture Research Association and various social groups and Chinese tea people. This is based on the history of China's tea and tea culture and its international st ----more

Beijing Rest assured Oil Shanghai

As Beijing Grain and Oil Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, as a station of Beijing Grain Group - Ancient Ship Rest assured that the oil rushes south to Shanghai, Beijing Grain Group and Shanghai retail companies and food companies signed a contract to “safeguard food safety” to promote fo ----more

How to deal with salt damage in protected vegetables

The facilities used in the protected areas have large amounts of fertilizer, and there are many times of fertilization. As the irrigation salts move upward, they accumulate on the surface of the soil. In addition, in the shed, it is not washed by rainwater, the environment is confined, the tempera ----more

Three factors of egg production decline

1, feed factors Significant changes in feed composition or quality problems in the diet can cause egg production changes. Such as sudden changes in the types of raw materials in the diet, uneven feed mixing, moldy feed, replacement of fish meal and yeast powder, high salt content, high stone meal ----more